About Steed Interactive

About Steed

The steed is more than just a horse. It’s a workhorse, a warhorse, and a companion. It carries you farther than you could go on your own, and gets you there faster. Like the steed, our goal is to carry you to victory.

Steed: Workhorse, warhorse, and companion

Steed Interactive is small web development, branding, and design agency located in northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As a small business ourselves, we are dedicated to helping other scrappy young startups and organizations look their very best and reach new audiences.

In Oklahoma’s grand tradition of horses and cowboys, we pay homage to the past while we look forward to a bright future.

Our services:

  • Website design and development (programming)
  • Updating and maintaining existing websites
  • Digital marketing consulting
  • Logos and branding
  • Traditional graphic design

Taking advantage of modern communication platforms and software, Steed is able to take on projects for clients in any location. Start a project with Steed.

Who We Are

  • Stephen Bell

    Responsibilities: Web design, web development, project management.

    Before making the leap to small business web development, Stephen worked for ten years designing, developing, and managing websites for higher education marketing. During that time, he won numerous awards for his work, including nine Oklahoma City ADDY Awards, and two 10th District ADDY Awards. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing, side programming projects, and spending time with his wife and twin children.

    Find Stephen on Twitter, LinkedIn, Dribbble.

  • Cara Bell

    Responsibilities: Graphic design, client relations, custom hand-lettering.

    Cara is a hands-on designer who can make almost anything – paper or pixels – beautiful. She has seven years of design experience, from part-time freelance design projects to full-time storyboard art direction. Custom hand lettering has become one of her specialties. In her spare time she can be found sewing for her baby twins, making pet portrait illustrations, or wood burning tree slices to create decorative wall hangings. Born and raised in Oklahoma City, she takes pride in exploring local sites and exposing the fun and beauty for others to enjoy.

    Find Cara on Dribbble.

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