About Steed Interactive

Hi, we’re Steed.

We’re a digital agency specializing in ecommerce, branding, and content marketing for consumer product companies.


Whatever project you hire us for, we start with the same basic beliefs:

1. Establishing a genuine connection with your customers will always be more effective than broadcasting into the air, hoping for some kind of response.


2. Authenticity radars are strong these days. Your customers are quick to tune out the corporate voice, stock photos, and generic content.


3. We truly believe that customers want to talk about your awesome products. You just have to clue them in – they need to know the words to use and exactly who they should tell.

Who We Are

  • Stephen Bell

    Stephen is focused on product. He’s a code purist who builds from scratch (allowing for the most control and highest quality) and he always keeps up with best marketing practices. Questions he asks himself regularly:

    1. What solution will give our client highest return on investment?

    2. What technology should I learn about today?

    3. How do I help my team stay competitive when our industry is becoming more and more fast paced?

  • Cara Bell

    Cara is focused on process. She’s a go-getter who plans big and keeps everything well documented. Her eye for design is unmatched 😉 Questions she asks herself regularly:

    1. How does our client see our company?

    2. How can we get consistent results when everything around us is changing?

    3. Does this design stand out from the competition?

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