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Most of Steed’s design and website development work is done for outside clients. But from time to time, we plan on creating projects just for ourselves. It’s a great opportunity to learn a few things, to step outside our comfort zones, and, with any luck, to make a little extra side money. is a… Read More

Forbes magazine recently ranked Oklahoma City as the 5th best city in the United States for entrepreneurs. What did we do to earn that distinction? The ranking is based on “an equal weighting of loan data, cost of living, business activity, education and income.” From my standpoint, it’s a combination of being a big enough… Read More

Starting your own business is a wild adventure. It’s a leap of faith: Faith in God, in your business partners, and in your own abilities. It’s pouring a private part of yourself into something that is very public, and making yourself vulnerable to the whims of the free market. It’s the fulfillment of a dream,… Read More